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BOOKING TERMS and AGREEMENT (printable version)
Please fill out form on 6th page and send it to Kazigraphy by fax or email.

Phone toll free: 1-800-414-2146
(604) 576-7470
Fax: (604) 576-8557


To confirm a booking:

  1. 50% of the total rental fee and a refundable Security Deposit are required. Acceptable forms of payment are bank draft, money wire, certified check or credit card (5% handling fee will be applied to credit card payments - Visa, Mastercard, Amex, Discover). If you pay by bank draft or money wire,there will not be any handling fee.
  2. Please fax us a copy of your driver's license with this agreement. Make sure to lighten up the copy when you make it. Also we need your valid credit card number for verification purposes, even if you book by check, bank draft or wire.

  3. Security Deposits are as follows:

      1-2 Weeks 3 Weeks - Monthly
    Main House $500 $700
    1 Bedroom Suite $300 $500
  4. The Security Deposit will be used to cover any damages or missing items, and any extra rental charges due to early arrival or late departure without prior consent.
  5. Also, if for any reason we do not receive a key back from you, a charge of $45 will be deducted from the Security Deposit.
  6. When a credit card is used it is only charged if damages occur during guest stay, or if extraordinary cleaning, excessive laundry beyond normal usage and telephone charges occur during guest stay.
  7. If a check is used for the Security Deposit, the check will be deposited and a refund check will be issued within 30 days of departure.
  8. Payment in full is due 30 days prior to arrival unless otherwise agreed in writing.

The Security Deposit will be returned to you by check or will be credited to your credit card (less a 5% handling fee), after your vacation has ended and the house has been checked (subject to any damages, etc.). If you pay by bank draft or money wire, there will not be any handling fee.


We understand that sometimes changes are necessary regarding your vacation dates. If this happens there is a $250 charge. If you change vacation dates less than 60 days before arrival, and there is no availability then you will lose your Deposit and Rental Fee unless you select a vacation date that is available.

Your Deposit and Rental Fee can be held towards future reservations made within 6 months of the original booking. Your rate may change based on your future vacation dates.


If you fail to arrive for your scheduled vacation without having notified us you will be subject to loss of Deposit and the total Rental Fee.


You must place in writing any Request for Change or Cancellation. We accept signed and dated original letters or fax requests. E-mail Cancellations are not accepted.


Any Cancellation of a booking by the client must be in writing and is subject to the following Cancellation Charges:

More than 2 months before arrival date = Full refund, less $250
Less than 2 months before arrival date = Loss of Deposit & Total Rental Fee
Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, Easter Holiday, Lobster seasons and Fantasy fest Weeks = Full Refund less $250 if new renter is found.


Hurricane Policy:

  1. Hurricane refunds are not offered. If tenants are concerned about possible interruption or cancellation due to a impending storm, hurricane warning, or mandatory evacuation, tenants are advised to purchase trip cancellation and interruption insurance. This insurance offers a comprehensive cancellation and interruptions policy which protects your rental property investment in the event of a cancellation due to a sudden emergency before or during your trip.


Every day in America thousands of clients reserve holidays and fail to notify their accommodation providers that they later have cancelled or changed their travel plans.

Recent changes in the United States Federal Consumer Regulations now allow accommodation providers to charge penalties against client's cards when reservations were made over the telephone, when a name, address and a telephone number along with a copy of confirmation can be provided as evidence and a client fails to abide by the cancellation policies that are published by the accommodations provider. It is very important that you do not reserve any accommodation and then think your credit card company will protect you if you fail to abide by the posted Booking Terms that we advertise.


If we find smoke odors in the houses or on the porch, they will need to be deodorized and you will be charged $500. For the comfort and health of our guests who are sensitive to smoke, we strictly enforce this rule.

Rental Period

Check-in time is after 4:00 PM on the first day
Check-out time is before 11:00 AM on the last day

Any changes to these times will be made only after permission has been given by Kazigraphy, Without prior consent, early occupancy or late departure from the home will be subject to ONE EXTRA DAY RENTAL which will be deducted from the security deposit.

Telephone Use

The home is equipped with a telephone for your convenience and safety. Long distance calls require a calling card or phone card.


The home will be cleaned prior to your arrival. You may arrange for additional cleaning during your stay for an additional charge of $45/hr. You will be charged for excessive cleaning for any of, but not limited to, the following reasons:

  • dirty dishes
  • any leftovers or perishable food items left in unit.
  • trash not placed in its appropriate receptacle.
  • soiled ovens; if you spill something please be sure to clean it up.

Flat rate charges for failing to:

  • take garbage out - $50;
  • take empty garbage containers in - $50;
  • keep garbage cans tightly closed to keep racoons and cats from making a mess - $50;
  • clean up all cigarette butts anywhere on property - $50;
  • clean barbecue thoroughly (including dumping grease in a tightly secured bag or container in the garbage.) - $75.

Mandatory Cleaning Fees: $150 for the 4 Bedroom House and $100 for One Bedroom.


We will make every effort to ensure that all equipment is in working order. In the event of a breakdown, we will strive to repair it as soon as possible after being notified of the problem. We cannot guarantee that air conditioners, televisions, appliances, etc. will not break own during your stay, therefore no refunds or adjustments will be made for mechanical failure. Furthermore, there will be no refunds or adjustments made for any other unexpected situation beyond our control such as bugs, rodents, weather and the like.


Children must, at all times, be supervised by parents. No occupants under the age of 25 are allowed unless accompanied by parent, guardian, or family group.

Only the number of adults, children and vehicles specified in this agreement are allowed to stay as guests.

**Please note that the property is monitored 24/7. If we find additional unregistered guests staying, there will be a $95 charge per person per night for the entire rental period even if the unregistered guest stays fewer nights - NO EXCEPTIONS. **

**Please note that for the safety of the guests and the protection of the property, unregistered vehicles will be TOWED immediately - NO EXCEPTIONS**.

The Guest signing the rental agreement assumes all responsibility for behavior of self and their guests and agrees to abide by all Rules and Procedures of the property.

Moon Over Paradise is privately owned and the neighborhood is not suitable for staging loud parties. Should guest's behavior necessitate eviction because of noise complaint or any other violation set forth by the Monroe County in the City of Key West, or any other violation of the rental contract, all prepaid rents and deposits shall be considered earned.

Guests are responsible for the completion and timely return of any rental forms and payments, including but not limited to booking agreement, and any other required rental approval forms. The Guests and all persons on the premises by invitation of the Guests hereby hold Kazigraphy, Inc., its employees, the corporation or any individual connected in any way to Kazigraphy, Inc. harmless for any responsibility or liability for any accident, injury, illness or damages sustained by or to any person or their personal property during the rental period or use of facilities. Kazigraphy, Inc. shall be indemnified and held harmless by the Guests, and Guests agree to pay all costs incurred in connection with any accident, injury, illness or property damage loss, including attorney's fees, regardless of how it may have occurred.

The undersigned hereby releases and indemnifies Kazigraphy, Inc. and holds harmless any employee, the corporation or any individual connected in any way to Kazigraphy, Inc. for any loss of personal property and/or accident causing personal injury of any nature, including reasonable attorney's fees and court costs in connection therewith.

Kazigraphy, Inc. and its affiliates do not accept any responsibility or liability for any failure of services in the home regardless of how it may have occurred. However, in the event of a problem, the client should inform our local management who will endeavor to do everything within reason to rectify the problem.

Kazigraphy, Inc. is not associated with any rental, tour or other business operation that may be advertised in All information regarding the property is checked to ensure the accuracy of descriptions. However, we are not always able to control all of the components of the facility and it is possible that an advertised facility may be withdrawn, changed, or unavailable due to circumstances beyond our control and for which we do not accept liability.

Phone toll free: 1-800-414-2146
Please fill out form and fax to: (604)576-8557
Mail correspondence can be sent to: Kazi Ahmed
16672 80th Avenue, Surrey, BC, V3S 6T8 Canada.


I, ________________________________ (Print Name), have read, understood, and agree to the above Booking Terms as well as the Rules and Procedures for renting Moon Over Paradise.
(must match credit card billing address)
City: ________________ State: _______ Zip: ________
Country: _________________
Home Tel: ________________________
Work Tel: ________________________
Cell: _____________________________
Driver's License#______________________
E-mail: _________________________________________________________________
Arrival Date: ____________________  
Departure Date: ________________________
# of Adults:______# of Vehicles: ______
# of Children: ______Ages: ______ _____ ______
Guest 1: _____________________ Guest 2: _____________________
Guest 3: _____________________ Guest 4: _____________________
Guest 5: _____________________ Guest 6: _____________________
Guest 7: _____________________ Guest 8: _____________________
Guest 9: _____________________ Guest 10: _____________________
Credit Card #: ________________________________Type________________
Total Amount$___________
50% Deposit of total amount $____________
Balance Due $_________________ (30 days prior arrival)
Expiry Date: (M) _____ (Y)_____ (Security Code) ______is a 3 or 4 digit number and is typically printed in the signature field on back or above the numbers.
Signature: ___________________________ Date: _________________
I, the above-signed, authorize Kazigraphy, Inc. to charge my credit card for the above amount plus any extra charges that may be incurred for extra cleaning, garbage, damage or for any other charges or fees as laid out in the Booking Terms.