Travel guide to Key West hotel, Florida Keys lodging and
Key West resort Guide to Key West vacation rentals, Florida Keys resort and Florida Keys accommodation
Travel guide to Key West vacation, Florida Keys rentals,
Key West lodging, Key West resort and Florida Keys accommodation.
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Travel guide to Key West hotel, Key West fl, Key West condo rental, Key West house rentals and Key West vacation rental home.
Guide to Key West vacation rentals, Florida Keys vacation, Key West Florida hotel, Key West lodging and Florida Keys resort.

Key West Vacation Rentals

Key West Vacation Rentals

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Welcome To Key West Fantasy Fest

Key West Fantasy Fest is America's oddest, most outrageous, most over-the-top party! It's ten days of decadence and debauchery in the grand manner!

Every year Fantasy Fest is given a theme that sets the tone of the revelry, the dress of tens of thousands of crazies who attend, and the decorations on floats and buildings. This year's theme? Mystical Mornings, Monsterious Nights!

That means you can expect to see people in whimsical costumes celebrating mythical mystics walking arm-in-arm with ghoulish monstrosities down Duval Street... it means Elvira look-alikes and Celtic high priests and priestesses... it means nightmarish creatures of the night and goddesses with angelic features... and puns, oh the puns...

Everyone Fantasize In Fantasy Fest

Just about every store, bar and restaurant in Key West joins in the Fantasy Fest spirit, decorating buildings with appropriate imagery and encouraging employees to don costumes.

Just as Mardi Gras in New Orleans is centered on the French Quarter, concentrating the outlandish behavior and dress to one small area, so the island of Key West serves to concentrate Fantasy Fest's nonsense. During October it seems you can't swing a cat without hitting a costumed reveler.

Over the ten days of insanity a series of incredibly extravagant parades, contests, parties, masked balls and even fantasy yacht races take place. From the free street party that is the Goombay Celebration to the Pet Masquerade & Parade to the legendary Pretenders in Paradise beachside party, it's non-stop merriment.

We're gathering the complete schedule of fantasy fest events and some "inside info" on specials and bargains, so check back often!

Key West Vacation Rentals

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Key West Vacation Rentals
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