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Key West Florida Key hotel accommodation lodging vacation

Key West Florida Key hotel accommodation lodging vacation

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Where is Key West? Key West is the last island in a chain of islands extending southwest of Miami FL that one can drive to. Key West is 159 miles SW of Miami and 90 miles north of Havana. The three hour drive through the Florida Keys is surely America's most unique motor journey. No other place in America combines the scenic ocean views of the Overseas Highway with tropical blend of beautiful waters, exotic foliage, wonderful restaurants and lodging facilities and history-enriched attractions and activities.

What is so great about the Florida Keys and Key West? Where else can you drive of that one side is Atlantic and other is Gulf of Mexico? Key West is the only frost free and one of the most scenic drives American Caribbean Island in the nation. Florida's famed coral reefs are the largest in North America and the third largest in the world. Florida Keys - Escape the “real world” and come for unbelievable sunsets, greens and blues from the crystal waters, coral reefs and coconut palms gently swaying in the warm trade winds in the tropical paradise waiting for you, and their culture. And then, there is the famous magic of these islands ... and this, I can't explain.

How big is Key West? The island is quoted by several sources as being either a 1 mile by 3 miles island, or 2 by 4 miles, or 3 by 5 miles. The differences vary depending on if some adjacent islands are included, such as Stock Island, Fleming Key, and Dredgers Key. 

Why should I go to Key West rather than Hawaii, Mexico or the Caribbean's? If you want big hotels, lots of people around and an ordinary vacation, then Florida Keys is not for you. The coral reef off the Keys is one of the most beautiful and ecologically diverse on Earth. Besides, nowhere else in the world can you wake up in an abandoned Civil War fortress, snorkel along spectacular reef, see the adorable but endangered Key deer, watch the juggling and acrobatic nonsense of the Sunset Celebration and finish off the evening at Sloppy Joe's Bar. After all, you are spending your dollar in your own country and it comes back to you. Our dear Canadian folks also welcome to the keys and spending their dollar in a country where each country depend on each other for economic growth.

Is it expensive to vacation there? Accommodations in the Florida Keys and Key West are plentiful and run the scale from top end to economy. There are large and small hotels, motels, inns and guesthouses throughout the Keys. You can also bring your own RV, boats and use our fabulous campgrounds right on the water.

What about the food? Not surprisingly, seafood is the mainstay in Key West, and much of it is fresh from nearby waters. Florida lobster and stone crabs are good choices, as is conch, a chewy shellfish best served in soups or in fritters (deep-fried in a spicy batter). Many of the restaurants have been influenced by Cuba and other parts of the Caribbean and serve what is known as Floridian-style cuisine. For dessert, try -- what else? -- Key lime pie, which has a tart custard filling and a graham-cracker crust.

What about the weather — what can I expect and when should I go? 'Just another day in paradise' is probably the best way to describe Key West's weather from October to June: It rarely gets below 65°F (18°C) or above 90°F (32°C). This makes it a summertime weekend destination for overheated Miamians, and a year-round attraction for the rest of the world's population, all of whom seem to be here during the tourist season (December through to April).

What about bugs or insects? The only bugs you could encounter are mosquitoes and flies, or sand flies in more remote beaches. It all depends where you are on any island, and it can vary within 50 feet. Most resorts treat their grounds and you may not come in contact with any insect. Garden Bungalows, private guest houses are likely to have mosquitoes, Beachfront possibly. It really is not a problem that an occasional application of repellent would not take care of. You are also likely to see geckos (small lizards) on the walls, waiting to gobble-up mosquitoes and any insects nearby. They are totally harmless and very useful, but can be noisy at times with a frog-like croaking.

I want lots of activities — what can I do? Lots of water activities! Fishing, snorkeling, canoeing, windsurfing, bicycling, hiking, snoozing in the shade, diving, scooter rental, Jet Ski, parasailing, etc. After all, the best party island in the Caribbean.

I want to go there with my children, is it suitable? Not many families there, but kids love it. Calm, warm water with pretty fish, "cool" beaches, water activities, etc.. Most of the hotels welcome children. Please don’t bring children in Key West during of Fantasy Fest in late October, it is mostly for adults.

I don't speak Spanish. Is this going to be a problem? No...Everyone speaks English. Key West is a part of U.S.A. There are a lot of local folks who speak Spanish.

Key West Lodging Florida Keys

To find out more about our own special Key West Florida Key hotel accommodation lodging vacation, please click here Key West Florida Key hotel accommodation lodging vacation


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